Friday, 30 March 2012

Warrior of Light

If the sky is starless,
And there's too much confusion to confess,
Just stare into that moonless night,
And imagine what I tell, this sight.

Be a cloud my warrior,
Carrying the splendor of night alone,
Lit up by the sober hues ad tones,
Yet still alive and floating fore.

So what if the moon and stars,
Disappear for a while, you can't,
Give up being a cloud for the honor is ours,
To make anything out of ourselves, don't rant.

Await the brilliant moon but don't forget,
Even the moon melts into the night's light,
Just to shine for one night.
So go on, transform, but don't ever fret.

Instead adapt to the night surrounding,
And soon you'l find peace, a happy ending,
All pain and worries will pass underneath you,
Leaving you glorious, and once again new...

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